September 2017

I once questioned myself: is there a Balinese translation for the word Agnosticism? Not knowing where to find answers, I filtered in on a potential Bahasa translation. Marvel of the internet! Every single time, it is the same word returning, which is surprising, the Bahasa roots being so far from Greek roots.

Obviously, this report widened my questioning field: was it because the God existence is clear in the Balinese culture? No Indonesian Descarte, Nietzsche or Dostoevski? 

The Philosopher often arises from a scientific mind, which has often been intrigued by the animal I shall evoke in the Bio section. According to the website " a tenth of its speed displayed by a human arm would be enough to send a ball in orbit "...

Then I will finish with SAFARI BALI news,


"Did someone lie to me!" was the last Facebook post title as the Mantis shrimp is not a shrimp! There are many similarities: both are Arthropod, Crustacea, Malacostraca, but they differ from the subclass to become Hoplocarida. 

There are several species of Mantis Shrimp in Indonesia, let us concentrate on Odontodactylus scyllarus, most commonly met during the Safari Bali.

She lives on sandy bottoms, close to coral formation. Very active in the daytime, she feeds on shellfish, mollusks and small fishes, which she knocks out or breaks with her leg shape as a bludgeon

This shrimp, which is not a shrimp is generally known for the speed spread by its legs, which can achieve 80km/hour. His eye complexity intrigued numerous scientists. She possesses a 360° vision. Every eye is totally independent and consist of one thousand facets providing a hexanoculaire vision, allowing a very precise vision of the location, the distance, the height, the depth and the color including in the ultraviolet.

Its reproduction is also rather intriguing ... The sexual differences can be observed with its colors, although these are more age-related. The young mantis is yellowish, the female rather brownish, while the male and older female are brilliant green.

The reproduction takes place all year long. After a dance of courtesy, the male, which has its reproductive organs based 3rd locomotive pair of legs, will jump on the female. The fertilization is internal. The female will lay until 50'000 eggs, which will be agglomerated in a ball with a sticky substance secreted by a thorax gland. To oxygenate it, she will maintain and will turn the ball in front of her mouth for 2 to 3 months. During this time, she won’t be able to feed, neither defend itself. Mr Shrimp, which is not a shrimp will stay with his partner as serving knight until the eggs hatched. They will then undertake a succession of long planktonic metamorphoses.

Bali generally is referred as the Island Of Gods. Is it for its beauty? its fertility? or the inhabitants certainty that Gods exist?

The Balinese sees the earth as a big ball resting on the shell of a tortoise called Bedawang, maintained by two snakes guards and defenders called Nagas. Over the earth, at the top of the mount Agung, live the ancestors and the demanding gods!

The gods lend the earth to humans, who shall in exchange maintain the cosmic balance. The story complicates with the intervention of the devils, who often come to put the general mess. When everything goes wrong, then Bedawang gets angry and moves the ball provoking earthquakes. Then the Balinese intervenes by striking their KulKul and shouting Hidup Hidup to wake up the snakes. 

To avoid these noisy and awkward situations, the Balinese have to honor the Gods, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and their avatars, without forgetting to calm the devils. A work of every moment!

The gods are art lovers. The Balinese became artists,

dancers, painters, musicians. Everything is devoted to them. But the gods are also fine gourmets. So, every day Balinese offers them small baskets braided in banana tree leaves, the Canang Sari. They are always placed at height towards altars, containing petals of flowers, sweet food (and yes, the gods are gourmets and gourmands), some rice. Canang Sari is beforehand splashed with holy water and will be surmounted by a stick of incense. The smoke will allow the offering essence to reach the Gods

Let us not risk to awake Bedawang by forgetting the Devil! The devils will be also calmed by offering of small baskets, Segehans. On the other hand, this offering will be put on the floor, the most impure part of the earth. They can contain damaged food as the devils, gluttonous and greedy, won’t differentiate a quality dish from another one...

The season was rich in encounters. The happy divers were able to meet the dolphins, Mola Mola were on time, Manta rays were numerous and playful. On critters side, nothing was lacking, seahorse, pygmy seahorse , Rhinopias, fantastic Nudibranch, among which Melibe!

The season is not ended. We are getting ready to receive a group of 25 divers in Bali, 12 divers on a superb Komodo liveboard and 2 groups in Triton Bay.

Speaking about 
groups, the one, which will have stood out this year was unquestionably OVM dive center 50 years birthday. On this occasion, we welcomed 55 participants. A great great success! Thank you OVM for having trust us.

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Anne-Sophie and Arnaud