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Eager to do it again !

by Julie and Flo, Komodo October 2015
Hi every one ! Florian and I wish you an happy 2016

After sorting out 20 GB of rushes, I finaly completed my movie on our adventure onboard the Sea Safari VII.

I hope it is as good as our amazing experience during this trip. We definitely need to do it again. Thanks again to Romain and Maarten for their sharp eye and this great time underwater.

See you soon

Still an adventure

by Murielle and Pascal, Bali 2013
W e wanted to say a big bravo to the team. Very professional, very available.
Congratulations for the great diving spots, for the many pleasant beach departure, for muck that will remain unforgettable !
In short, everything was well thought out, well prepared, well organized, well checked. Passionate instructors who delighted us with their experience!
Not to mention a visit to the orphanage : a human sharing not to miss. Bali remains a journey .... the discovery of a deep soul world, hard working, generous, humble, discreet .... far from what we reflect in the western world !

Thank you again and see you soon.

A safari in the company of a non-diver

by Annie and Eric, Bali 2013
H Having participated in the SafariBali Komodo cruise in October 2012, which is still to this day my best memory of diving, I decided to return to Indonesia and Bali with my wife.
She being a non-diver, the challenge was therefore risky to enlist on a diving safari. How to do twenty diving without my non-diver spouse feel neglected ? The challenge was big .. and won ! We returned both delighted.

Travel arrangements are such that it can reconcile the diving and non-diving activities. Annie feasted on tours and snorkeling. Think of it ! Snorkeling in the morning, discovering the USAT Liberty and parrots humpback is a moment that she will remember. And every day she returned delighted. At no time she felt cut off from the group. This is the first point I want to emphasize.

For the rest, the organization of the trip was perfect. Nothing to say but great things about the hotels and restaurants. Very good choice. What about the team Safari Bali ? Guides, drivers and dive masters are extremely competent, available and attentive. Thank you Kevin, always listen to everyone, you demonstrated a high level of professionalism, and that has effectively animate the team in a constant good mood. This boy has talent! .. (I guess the job is not easy backstage). Thanks to Coral, the great dive guide that I had met in Komodo. Thank you Darwin for your knowledge of Bali and your extreme kindness.

Finally, we had the chance to meet again with Guillaume whom I met in Corsica. Always so nice! .. Good luck to him for this new adventure! .. Anyway thank you to all the friendly staff and toyou both, Anne-Sophie and Arnaud, for this exotic holiday during which we could discover many facets of your island.

I say goodbye to you, I will come back to Komodo in two years, I'll let you know .... Meanwhile I should go to the Galapagos in 2014. Until then give me some good news...

What happiness !

by Annick & Bernard, Bali 2013
A ccustomed to "our" Mediterranean and tropical waters dominated by the "big", it is with great interest that we discovered the "muck diving", not to mention the wreck of the Liberty and other more traditional dives. This, under the leadership of our guides Leila, Kevin and Coral, attentive, always available and experts. Sometimes, our aging sight has made fine approach difficult, despite the magnifier given by one or the other, but the whole was extraordinary. Ground transportation and excursions were also of considerable interest thanks to these guides and Balinese drivers who know their country on the tip of the finger and are happy to talk. The choice of hotels and local restaurants really delighted the participants of this safari. As for the infrastructure, hardware, tire, transportation, etc ... we felt it did not even exist as everything was ready at the right time, regardless of the type or time of diving. No false notes !

Congratulations and a big thank you to all of you !
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