Because we never stop being amazed by Indonesia, because we like

walking off the beaten track, we are happy to customize additional days to discover the island of god and beyond…

Activities in Bali

Bali on foot

N ature lovers, we will organize from one to several hours trek through rice fields, hills, along rivers, valleys and gorges. Around Ubud, Sidemen or Jatiluwi, walk through landscapes with delights every single day out of the office !

Bali and the sportmen

B ali offers several outdoor activities such as rafting on the Ayung river, discovering a bird tree view of nature with the treetop adventure, strolling with Mountain bike and for the lovers of extreme sensations, going for canyoning.

Balinese culture discovery

H andicraft, temple, painting, sculpting, cooking or dancing, Bali has it all. Bali has numerous facets, which draws his sources from its religion main thread of the island of god.

Balion the greens

S anur, Nusa Dua, Bedugul or Tanah Lot, swing on the Balinese green, by the sea or facing a temple…

Bali and its summit

E Enjoy the sunrise on the top of the two Bali volcanoes Summit :

  • Batur Caldera : 1717 m above sea level.The latest eruption was in 2000. You will depart around 3am to reach the caldera before sunrise. Breakfast and walk above the lake. For the fittest hiker, it is possible to reach the summit.
  • Agung summit: 3142m. Latest eruption was in 1963. 4 hours trek to achieve the summit. Breathtaking view on Bali, Lombok and the Rinjani volcano.

Bali and the waves

K uta, Cangu or Uluwatu, come ride the mythical Balinese waves. For the wise, go on a Surf cruise in Sumba or Sumatra ...
Beyond the frontiers…


Maluku, home of the Eclectus parrots :

E xtraordinary adventure away from the tourist trail. In the middle of Seram jungle, one of the Maluku islands, enjoy the fly of the red Eclectus and salmon crested Cockatoo from the top of the canopy. Seram is also home of most beautiful butterfly species…

The mythic Orangutan

B y boat in Borneo or by foot in Sumatra, get the chance to meet the last “primary forest inhabitants” The Orangutan. This placid and peaceful animal is definitely the best encounter we ever made in Indonesia. A truly deep and amazing emotion!

Lombok summit

A 3 days / 2 nights trek through various beautiful landscapes will lead you to the Mount Rinjani summit 3726 m above sea level. Enjoy the sunrise with the stunning view of Lombok, Gilis onward…

Summit in Java

A mong the 17 Javanese summits, we suggest you to climb 2 of them to discover their unique assets:

  • Kawa Ijen : the “green crater” is 2386 m above sea level. A 2 to 3 hour walk will lead you to the caldera where you will meet with the Sulfur extractors. If climbing at night, the bravest will admire the singular blue fumaroles.
  • Mount Bromo : 2329 m above sea level. Early walk and horse riding will lead you to an amazing sunrise view on the caldera. Its Javanese inhabitant remains Hindu. Every year they celebrate the crater goodness… Not to missed by foot or horseback riding!

Java cultural center

D eparting from Joyakarta, you will visit Java’s cultural centre with its handicrafts, Sultan palace, Prambanan temple and the famous Borobudur temple. Both temples registered on UNESCO heritage.

Flores at the top :

O ne of our favourite journeys through nature. Route from Labuan Bajo to End. A 4 hour walk will take you to the picturesque village of Waerebo in the middle of the mountain. Share the villager’s style of leaving, overnight in the typical hut villages. Carry on your trip in Kelimutu Mountain and admire its 3 coloured lakes.

Papua, birds of paradise nest

A n incredible and singular show performed by the unique birds of paradise, endemic species of Papua. 2 overnight camping in the forest will allow you to admire one of the most fabulous animal behaviour! Let’s watch the seducing dances performed by the bird of paradise male!

White sand beach in Gili :

F eeling like resting on the idyllic white sand beach, enjoying a bit of snorkelling, come to rest on Gili superb scenery.
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