Bali To Raja Ampat

So far the human impact on its ecosystem remains very limited. Immerse

yourself within the heart of the Coral Gold triangle, we offer the chance of diving along the world’s richest variety coral reef known nowadays.

T he adventure is taking us further and further. Lets navigate to the remote Raja Ampat.

Placed at the far North East of New Guinea, this archipelago’s name is translated by « 4 kings » represented by the 4 main Islands, Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati and Misool. It groups over 1'500 islands. Home of the Indonesian peak, the landscape is an eternal eye’s battle between dazzling mountains and green tropical forest vegetation, contrasting with some breath-taking white sand beaches and turquoise seawater on the coastline. The two Indian and Pacific Oceans meeting place, this archipelago is covering a surface of about 46’000 km². A vast world !

Because of its distance and its difficult access, Raja Ampat’s natural environment is one the best protected areas in the world. So far the human impact on its ecosystem remains very limited. Immerse yourself within the heart of the Coral Gold triangle, we offer the chance of diving along the world’s richest variety coral reef known nowadays. Breathtaking landscapes, singular underwater landscape, a unique critter encounter, waters full of fish, The Raja Ampat archipelago is becoming one of the most appreciated destination the in the world.

An extraordinary universe to protect for future generations...

And speaking of coral islands, the Raj Coral Island is another hidden gem within the Raja Ampat archipelago. With its pristine coral reefs and diverse marine life, Raj Coral Island adds another layer of beauty to this already enchanting paradise. Explore the underwater wonders, witness the vibrant coral formations, and encounter an array of marine species that call this coral island home. It's a testament to the importance of preserving such remarkable environments for the well-being of our planet and the enjoyment of generations to come.

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En bref

  • 15 days cruise :
    13 days trip / 12 nights and 24 dives min.
  • Minimum 10 pax - max 18 pax
  • 2 nights based on twin shared accommodation
  • 11 days liveaboard aboard traditional wooden Pinisi schooner Seasafari VI
  • English speaking guide
  • Ratio 1 guide / 4 divers
  • Customized group welcomes up to 24 divers
Day by day


  • DepartureDay 1

    International flight to Jakarta.
  • JakartaDay 2

    Arrival in Jakarta, capital of Indonesia.
    Transfer to FM7 hotel.
    Diner not includes
  • SorongDay 3

    Domestic flight Jakarta – Sorong. Embarking on the boat. Orientation and cabin allocation. Route to South Raja Empat, Misool Island. Full night cruising.
  • FarundiDay 4

    Farundi :Diving in Farundi. Route to Daram
  • DaramDay 5

    Daram : Diving Daram. Route to Boo
  • BooDay 6

    Boo : Diving in Boo
  • FiabacetDay 7

    Fiabacet : Diving Fiabacet
  • GamfiDay 8

    Gamfi :Diving in Balulol. Full night cruising
  • BatantaDay 9

    Batanta : Diving Batanta
  • Jet FamDay 10

    Jet Fam : Diving Jet Fam
  • ArborekDay 11

    Arborek : Diving Arborek
  • Sardine ReefDay 12

    Sardine Reef : Diving Sardine Reef and jungle treck
  • Sorong / JakartaDay 13

    Sorong - Jakarta : Route to Sorong. Domestic flight to Jakarta. Transfer to FM7 airport hotel. Diner not included.
  • JakartaDay 14

    Transfer to Jakarta International airport
  • ArrivalDay 15

    Home sweet home
your boat

The seasafari


W elcome aboard Seasafari VII, a magnificent wooden traditional sailboat, marrying the comfort of the modern boats to the charm of old sailing ships.

Native of Bugis country (Sulawesi) this superb schooner is equipped with 14 cabins air-conditioned and en-suite bathrooms, has a covered outdoor dining room, spacious lounge and a library and video-room especially designed for underwater video and photo’s and a sundeck where from you can contemplate the stunning beauty of this archipelago. To ensure quality, comfort and personal service, we limit our cruise for up to 18 pax. Individual cabins are available on demand. This Pinisi and her crew have a lot of experience in all Indonesian dive cruises.
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  • Year : 2000
  • Type : Wooden Scooner
  • Lenght : 35 m
  • Beam : 9,5 m
  • Draft : 3 m
  • Speed : 7-8 knots
  • Electricity : 220 volts
  • Motor : Deutz 816,8
  • Watermaker capacity : 6000 liters / day
  • Navigation : Radar, sonar, GPS, Radio SSB, Radio VHF
  • Security :2 life inflatable craft capacity 20 pax each, 45 life jacket adult and child size, 12 life buoys, Satellite phone, O2
  • Dive : 2 compressors, 3 diving boat 40 CV each, NITROX
Play grounds

Dive sites


W ith over hundreds known dive sites, this cruise is full of colourful underwater treasures. From the smallest Pygmy Seahorse to the respectful Grey Reef Shark, the Oceanic Sunfish and to the majestic Manta Ray, diving in the Nusa Tenggara archipelago is a permanent show of unpredictable surprises. A hundred dive site description wouldn’t be enough to describe the beauty, so let’s keep the mystery…
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More than certainly this is one of the most amazing underwater landscapes in the world, with overhangs, caverns, swim-throughs and lush steep walls with an incredible variety of corals, your dives will offer you special light effects until now never seen elsewhere !


With an impressive wall and infinite coral reef, Daram water is rich and full of schooling fish and give you the chance to meet the emblematic Wobbegong Shark.


Pinnacle dive and swim-through with beautiful light effects and encounters with some of the most extraordinary critters that only Raja Empat is able to offer !


3 tiny islands are place to exceptional colourful dives along extremely rich in critters walls. Hard and soft coral of every type, Wipe coral, Sponges and Gorgonian are the habitat of amazing macro life. Each way you turn your head you will be impressed from the tiny fish to the school of reef fish.


Drift dive with a strong current for pelagic encounter in an idyllic underwater landscape.


This island is the place for muck diver lovers. At first you will emerge in what could be an unpleasant surrounding but as soon as you open your eyes a captivating unusual underwater life will amaze you…


A dive along 3 little rock with astonishing critters encounters, reef fish and pelagic. Meet with the Wobbegong Shark and the Pygmy Seahorse and countless Nudibranch.

ARBOREK ET KRI (Sardine Reef)

This island insures an explosion of marine life including a density of fish, pelagic such a Manta Ray, Barracudas, reef sharks but also the rare micro fish such as Pontoi Pygmy Seahorse.

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From and to Jakarta : 15 days / 12 nights / 24 dives
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