Join us on our European ancestors steps to discover the Indonesian

marvels along Maluku to Raja Empat journey…An outstanding adventure reserved for explorer souls!

F ascinated by this fabulous Indonesia, Safari Bali never stops exploring new, unusual, isolated and pristine lands… Join us on our European ancestors steps to discover the Indonesian marvels along Maluku to Raja Empat journey…Located at the North East point of Indonesia the Maluku archipelago is part of Indian Ocean and is covering 74’500km2 of jungle, mountain and sea. The three main island are Halmahera, Seram and Ambon where is based the capital named on the island, Ambon.

In the XVI century, regarding some papers, beliefs are that the first international marine relationship started with China. The Portuguese would have settled down there afterward until the Dutch arrival. The Dutch East Indian Company was established in 1602. It was a chartered company, which helped develop the spices trade between Europe and Asia with cloves, pepper and nutmeg as the main spices.

We will sail from the Maluku islands toward pristine and undiscovered lands to reach the beautiful Raja Empat. Because of its difficult access, both areas remained virgin, preserved and untouched offering breathtaking dives and landscape. You will dive along dramatic wall, be delighted by astonishing colourful marine life, encounter incredible pelagic, discover a surprising macro fauna, beauty of Indonesia.

Journey off the track; come on a jaunt to spot the incredible nature of Manusella National Park. This escape will insure you a never equalled and unforgettable journey in the jungle on the top of the canope to spot the sparkling colourful parrots of Seram Island.

An outstanding adventure reserved for explorer souls !

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En bref

  • 20 days cruise :
    18 days trip / 16 nights and 24 dives
  • Minimum 14 pax - maximum 15 pax.
  • 2 nights in Jakarta based on twin shared accommodation. Meal not included.
  • 12 days aboard Sea Safari VI
  • 1 night camp and 2 days trek in the Maluku Jungle, 3 nights twin share accommodation in Ora Beach Bungalow.
  • Ratio 1 guide / 4 divers
  • Customized group welcomes up to 16 divers
Day by day


  • DepartureDay 1

    International Flight to Jakarta.
  • JakartaDay 2

    Arrival in Jakarta. Transfer to FM7 airport hotel.
  • SeramDay 3

    Seram : Early morning domestic flight to Ambon. Transfer to Tulehu harbour in Ambon. Speedboat transfer to Seram. Transfer to the hotel. Late evening checking at the Ora Beach Bungalow.
  • SeramDay 4

    Seram : Day at the hotel. Ora beach bungalow is taking place in a desert island with white sand beach shade by coconut tree. Perfect place for a relaxing day to recover from the long journey.
  • Manusella National Park Day 5

    BIRD WATCHING IN MANUSELLA : Early morning departure. We will go up the Sawaï River on board of traditional pirogue through the Manusela National Park Jungle. After a through the tropical forest, we will arrive to the camp base. Lunch and departure to the observation platform. Camp night
  • Manusella National Park Day 6

    BIRD WATCHING IN MANUSELLA : Lever matinal. Observation des oiseaux depuis la seconde plate-forme. En fin de journée retour et nuit à l’hôtel Ora Beach .
  • AmbonDay 7

    Ambon : Early morning transfer to Amaï harbor, speedboat transfer to Ambon. Embarking on the boat where we will meet with the rest of the group. Orientation, and cabin allocation. After lunch dives in Ambon bay.
  • AmbonDay 8

    Ambon : Muck dive in Ambon bay and route to Ahmed.
  • SeramDay 9

    Seram : Wall dive and traditional village visit. Route to Suanggi.
  • SuanggiDay 10

    Suanggi : Tiny lost island, Niche of several bird species. Beautiful wall dive. Route to Banda.
  • BandaDay 11

    Banda :Fantastic Pinnacle dives on Batu Kapal and Karang Hatta. Visit Banda Fort. Route to Koon.
  • KoonDay 12

    Koon : Dive along the famous Too many fish dive site. We will leave the Banda sea to enter the Raja Empat water. Route to Misool.
  • MisoolDay 13 to Day 15

    Misool : Dive on Boo, Four kings, Blue Hole dive site. We will visit a cave. Route to Dampier straight.
  • Dampier StraightDay 16 and Day 17

    Dampier Straight : Encounter with the Manta ray, the Wobbegong shark and the schooling fish of Sardine reef and the unreal macro fauna. Route to Sorong.
  • Sorong / JakartaDay 18

    Sorong - Jakarta : Return flight to Jakarta. Night in FM7 airport hotel.
  • JakartaDay 19

    Transfer to airport international flight
  • ArrivalDay 20

    Home sweet home
your boat

The seasafari


W elcome aboard Seasafari VII, a magnificent wooden traditional sailboat, marrying the comfort of the modern boats to the charm of old sailing ships. Native of Bugis country (Sulawesi) this superb schooner is equipped with 14 cabins air-conditioned and en-suite bathrooms, has a covered outdoor dining room, spacious lounge and a library and video-room especially designed for underwater video and photo’s and a sundeck where from you can contemplate the stunning beauty of this archipelago. To ensure quality, comfort and personal service, we limit our cruise for up to 18 pax. Individual cabins are available on demand. This Pinisi and her crew have a lot of experience in all Indonesian dive cruises.
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  • Year : 2000
  • Type : Wooden Schooner
  • Lenght : 35 m
  • Beam : 9,5 m
  • Draft : 3 m
  • Speed : 7-8 knots
  • Electricity : 220 volts
  • Motor : Deutz 816
  • Watermaker capacity : 6000 liters / day
  • Navigation tools : Radar, echo sounder, GPS, Radio SSB, Radio VHF
  • Security : 2 life inflatable craft capacity 20 pax each, 45 life jacket adult and child size, 12 life buoys, Satellite phone, O2
  • Dive : 3 diving boat 40 CV, 2 compressors, NITROX


This hotel is located in an idyllic white sand beach shaded by coconut tree frame. The rooms built above the sea offer basic facilities such as cold-water shower in en-suite bathroom, private overwater terrace from where you will enjoy the scenery of colourful coral reef and coral fish dancing. Despite its very basic facilities, this overwater hotel is a perfect place to recover from the long journey…

We will sleep under the stars or sheltered by a shade made of 4 pieces of wood right in middle of the Seram National Park jungle. This trip in a wild forest is absolutely breathtaking but because of its inexistent facilities, this journey is only recommended to the explorer souls…

This airport hotel is located 5 min away from the airport terminal. This hotel offers spacious, silent rooms with AC, swimming pool, fitness room and a SPA to recover from the jetlag. Convenient and comfortable hotel, this is an excellent compromised to wait for your domestic flight.

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Play grounds

Dive sites


W ith over hundreds known dive sites, this cruise is full of colourful underwater treasures. From the smallest Pygmy Seahorse to the respectful Grey Reef Shark, the Oceanic Sunfish and to the majestic Manta Ray, diving in the Nusa Tenggara archipelago is a permanent show of unpredictable surprises. A hundred dive site description wouldn’t be enough to describe the beauty, so let’s keep the mystery…


T his area was declared a national park in 1982, named Manusella National Park, meaning Bird of Freedom. Using a tradional small boat, we will sale up the Sawai river for approximatively 2 hours trough the tropical rain forest to reach a based camp.

2 bird watching platform are built not far from the camp. At 50 meters above the ground, you will observe the most colourfull pirrot flying… The Manusella National park is home of 117 bird species including 14 endemic species such as Eclectus roratus roratus, Lorius domicella, Cacatua moluccensis, Halcyon lazuli, amboinensis Alisterus and even more… It is also possible to encounter several butterfly species, with various size and colors. If you are lucky enough, you might spot the sweet marsupial Cuscus.

Home of the unreal encounters…

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At first you will emerge along sandy bottom, in what could be an unpleasant surrounding but as soon as you open your eyes a captivating unusual underwater life will amaze you. A must for critter lovers, encounter with endemic species…


Diving along dramatic wall, possibility of strong current with pelagic encounters. Beautiful coral formation. This dive sites have been trough the years carefully protected by the Ahmed villagers again overfishing and dynamite fishing. This place remains unique for its critters and coral fish.


Small Island located north Banda island. Fantastic wall dive rich in colourful fish and pelagic encounter possibility.


Beautiful dives along pinnacles and along infinite wall… Encounter with small fishes as well as bigger one.


Lost in a middle of nowhere, Koon island offers unique dives in term on fauna. There you will spot thousand of fishes all size as well as inredible critters.


Pinnacle dive and swim-through with beautiful light effects and encounters with some of the most extraordinary critters that only Raja Empat is able to offer! Exceptional colourful dives along extremely rich in critters walls. Hard and soft coral of every type, Wipe coral, Sponges and Gorgonian are the habitat of amazing macro life. Each way you turn your head you will be impressed from the tiny fish to the school of reef fish.


The Dampier Straight will insure you an explosion of marine life including a density of fish, pelagic such a Manta Ray, Barracudas, reef sharks, meet with the Wobbegong shark but also the rare critters such as Pontoi Pygmy Seahorse.

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Date from and to Jakarta : 18 days / 16 nights / 24 dives
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