This Indonesian area is one the richest in the world for its coral reef

diversity and especially for its hard corals variety. A world where time has been interrupted…

B Beyond the limits… Welcome to an exploration cruise on the virgin Cenderawasih Bay. At the Northen Point of Indonesian Papua Island, the bird’s head Seascape was declared a national park in 2002. Covering more than 1.5 million hectares of mountains, jungle and coral reef, this national park is nowadays the biggest in Indonesia.

Protected from the outside current, the Cenderawasih bay over the year has developed a unique and sometimes endemic fauna, which often is a variant of more common species. This Indonesian area is one the richest in the world for its coral reef diversity and especially for its hard corals variety. A world where time has been interrupted… This is a place where a Japanese military base was during the WWII and several wrecks still remain untouched and are peacefully sleeping in the shallow waters.

The bird’s head Seascape offers a story of a wonderful symbiosis between the man and the Whale Shark. In these distant lands, the man lives on fishing. He builds traditional fishing platforms called Bagan, in which he sleeps, eats and fish… an and his belief; grateful for the everyday luck brought by the Whale Shark to thank him, the man shares his daily catch with the king of this water and gives the Whale Shark the small fish, krill and tiny shrimps he’s caught. Satisfied with its treat, the Whale Shark comes back every day to bring luck to its fisherman…

This adventure is not just diving! We offer 2 days trekking in a jungle to discover the intense tropical rain forest, to hear the melodious bird sing, and if you are lucky you may spot some of them. Cenderawasih, the magical story of a singular symbiosis, an encounter that you can’t miss!

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En bref

  • 17 days cruise :
    13 days trip / 11 nights and 24 dives min.
  • Minimum 10 pax - maximum 18 pax
  • 2 nights in Jakarta based on twin shared accommodation. Meal not included.
  • 10 days on board Sea Safari VIII
  • 2 nights camp in Arfak
  • Ratio 1 guide / 4 divers
  • Customized group welcomes up to 24 divers
Day by day


  • DepartureDay 1

    International flight to Jakarta.
  • JakartaDay 2

    Arrival at Jakarta International airport.
    Transfer to FM7 airport hotel. Dinner not included.
  • ManokwariDay 3

    Domestic flight Jakarta – Manokwari. Embarking on the boat. Orientation and cabin allocation. 1 day dive on Siwanmaru wreck. Route to Kwatisore.
  • PurupDay 4

    Purup : Diving in Purup
  • BusuruaDay 5

    Busurua : Diving Ayami and Busurma
  • KwatisoreDay 6

    Kwatisore : Diving Kwatisore
  • KwatisoreDay 7

    Kwatisore : Diving in Kwatisore
  • MangguarDay 8

    Mangguar : Diving in Manguar
  • RoneboDay 9

    Ronebo : Diving in Ronebo
  • WairundiDay 10

    Wairundi : Diving in Wairundi
  • MansiramDay 11

    Mansiram : Diving in Mansinam
  • ArfakDay 12

    Arfak : Disembarking in the afternoon and route to the camp base in Arfak Mountain. Night at the Camp
  • ArfakDay 13

    Arfak : Trek in Papou to the Blinder position 1 & 2 to observe and listen bird. Night at the camp
  • ManokwariDay 14

    Manokwari :Trek to the blinder position 3 & 4 to observe and listen bird. In the afternoon, journey back to Manokwari. Diner and night at te Swissbel hotel
  • Manokwari / JakartaDay 15

    Manokwari - Jakarta : Flight Manokwari – Jakarta. Transfer to FM7 hotel. Dinner not included
  • JakartaDay 16

    Transfer to Jakarta International airport
  • ArrivalDay 17

    Home sweet home.
your boat

The seasafari


W Welcome aboard Seasafari VII, a magnificent wooden traditional sailboat, marrying the comfort of the modern boats to the charm of old sailing ships. Native of Bugis country (Sulawesi) this superb schooner is equipped with 14 cabins air-conditioned and en-suite bathrooms, has a covered outdoor dining room, spacious lounge and a library and video-room especially designed for underwater video and photo’s and a sundeck where from you can contemplate the stunning beauty of this archipelago. To ensure quality, comfort and personal service, we limit our cruise for up to 18 pax. Individual cabins are available on demand. This Pinisi and her crew have a lot of experience in all Indonesian dive cruises.
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  • Year : 2003
  • Type : Wooden Schooner
  • Lenght : 34,35 m
  • Beam : 10 m
  • Draft : 3,50 m
  • Speed : 10-12 knots
  • Electricity : 220 volts
  • Motor : Deutz 816,8
  • Watermaker capacity : 6000 liters / day
  • Navigation tools : Radar, echo sounder, GPS, Radio SSB, Radio VHF
  • Security : 2 life inflatable craft capacity 20 pax each, 45 life jacket adult and child size, 12 life buoys, Satellite phone, O2.
  • Dive : 3 diving boat 40 CV, 2 compressors, NITROX
Play grounds

Dive sites


W ith over hundreds known dive sites, this cruise is full of colourful underwater treasures. From the smallest Pygmy Seahorse to the respectful Grey Reef Shark, the Oceanic Sunfish and to the majestic Manta Ray, diving in the Nusa Tenggara archipelago is a permanent show of unpredictable surprises. A hundred dive site description wouldn’t be enough to describe the beauty, so let’s keep the mystery…


A rfak mountains : located in the Doberai Peninsula in West Papua, his highest point rises to 2'940 meters. It is the home to over 300 species of birds, ten of them endemic.

The base camp is located in the middle of the forest, a little over 1,000 meters. We will be housed in a wooden refuge with 4 rooms and mat to sleep. The observation posts are located between 30 min to 2 hour walk from the base camp. We will wait in small huts called Blinder built with leaf and branch, hoping the arrival of the birds.

* The wait can be long and comfort quite spartan. Therefore, this part of the cruise however incredible is optional.

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This imposing Japanese freighter took a direct bomb on the bow and immediately sunk with a little damage to the rest of its 120-meter length. For some reason, the wreck took very little marine life and the overall impression is a vanished ghost ship relocated to the depths.


This large coral reef, home an endemic Wrasse Paracheilinus Walton is covered with Elephant ear sponges, Gorgonian and whip coral


Mid-water dive under the fishing station Bagan, usually good visibility, wait and see the luck messenger…


Immersed in the critters world...


Coral reef where a wide range of hard and soft coral are represented. Dive in a colourful aquarium.


To be discovered… coral reef where a small waterfall ends its run in the sea with potential critters


Full of fish coral reef protected from the diver’s stream. The numerous Batfish and the curious Napoleon Wrasse will astonish you…

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Date from and to Jakarta : 17 days / 14 nights / 24 dives
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