Already known for its land tourism beauty, Bali-Sea also offers an exceptional marine biodiversity. We have carefully selected during

this Diving Safari the most beautiful Bali-Sea and Indian Ocean dives.

A passion, an encounter, a warm Balinese smile: birth of a beautiful adventure… For the last 10 years Diving Safari has been operating with the same joy and happiness offering diving safari’s around the Bali coastal areas.

Bali with a span of 5,633 km2 is a small island with thousands of treasures! A four steps itinerary safari will take you all around the ‘Island of the Gods’. You will enjoy the view of pristine Paddy rice fields, luxurious tropical forests and majestic volcanoes. You will encounter Balinese people and share their customs, warmth and colourful religion.

Already known for its land tourism beauty, Bali-Sea also offers an exceptional marine biodiversity. We have carefully selected during this Diving Safari the most beautiful Bali-Sea and Indian Ocean dives. Because of its incredible range of habitat, Bali marine life is even more exceptional. You will dive along the dramatic wall, pristine world war wreck, beautiful unbroken coral reef and surprising muck dive. Diving in Bali offers a chance for astonishing diving encounters with marine animals such as Frogfish, the Pygmy Seahorse, Mandarin fish or the even bigger Manta Ray and Oceanic Sunfish.

Safari Bali and the non-diver… we are very happy to welcome numerous non-divers every year. We have specially designed a program which often the divers will envy. Accompanied daily by your own guide, you will discover the Buddhist temple of Bali, the legend of the priest Danghyang Nirartha, you will meet Ikat manufacturer, the farmers working in their rice fields and the traders in front of their stack of fragrant fruits. Bali Island of gods !

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  • 15 days Safari :
    13 days tour / 12 nights and 22 dives min.
  • Minimum 4 pax - maximum 14 pax
  • Charm category twin share based accommoda-tion. On demand triple room available.
  • » English speaking guide
  • Customise group up to 30 people on demand
  • Ratio 1 guide / 4 divers
Day by day


  • DepartureDay 1

    International flight to Bali.
  • SeminyakDay 2

    Arrival in Denpasar, Bali
    Transfer to Seminyak.
    One night stay in Puri Saron.
  • Central BaliDay 3

    Central Bali : After an early checkout en route to the Bedugul area, you will visit the spice market and the flower market, a good opportunity to discover a wide range of tropical fruits. You will also visit the XVI century old Ulun Danu Bratan temple, edified for the Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma god and the lake Danu Goddess. A delicious Balinese meal will be served in a charming small restaurant over viewing the valley. End the afternoon checking into the Aneka Bagus in Villa Category where you will stay for one night.
  • West BaliDay 4

    West Bali : 3 day dive in Barat National Park. Lunch box on Menjangan Island. One night at the hotel.

    Non-diver : You will have 2 choices. First up you will spend the day with the divers, snorkelling in warm fish filled waters, on the top of beautiful coral, along a deep dramatic wall. Lunch will be with the rest of the group on Menjangan Island. Next you will visit Banjar area with its unique Buddhist temple, Seririt warm water springs bath and Seririt traditional markets, a great opportunity to meet Balinese people.
  • Discovering muck divesDay 5

    Discovering muck dives : 2 day dive in Gilimanuk, west point of Bali. Afternoon visit of Pabean and Pulaki temple, edified for Sri Patni Kaniten, Danghyang Nirartha priest’s wife. Back to the hotel, you will assist in a traditional Balinese dance performance. One night at the hotel.

    Non-diver : You will visit the Rambut Siwi temple. The legend says the Danghyang Nirartha priest saved a whole village from the terrible mortal epidemic. To ensure inhabitants protection, the priest offered a lock of his hair (Rambut). You will discover the traditional colourful Bugis boat harbour. At the end of the day you will join the rest of the group to visit Pabean and Pulaki temples.
  • East BaliDay 6

    East Bali : Early morning check out and transfer to Tulamben. On the way, you will visit Batu Ponjok temple, built in Danghyang Nirartha priest memory. The legend tells the priest created holy spring water. Lunch in a warung. 2 dives including one night dive on the US Liberty wreck. Night in Mimpi Resort Tulamben.

    Non-diver : Check out in the morning with the rest of the group, in the afternoon you will be able to relax near the pool or enjoy snorkelling along a breathtaking coral reef.
  • Amed / TulambenDay 7

    Amed / Tulamben : 3 day dive in Tulamben Amed area. Lunch in a warung. Night in Mimpi Resort.

    Non-diver : You will visit Tirtaganga area. Walk in the rice field and countryside to discover Bali plants and culture. Then you will visit Tirtaganga Water Palace. In 1947 Karagasem Raja built and named it out of the holy water, which goes trough the all Palace. “Tirta” means Holy Water and “Gangga” Gange.
  • Amed / TulambenDay 8

    Amed / Tulamben : 3 day dive in Tulamben Amed area. Lunch in a warung. Night in Mimpi Resort Tulamben.

    Non plongeur : You will have the choice of a nice walk through the North coast forest through to Les Waterfall. This small countryside village is 15 min away from Tulamben. The second option would be to sail along the coast and enjoy the coastal view from a traditional fishing boat called a “Jukung”.
  • Amed / TulambenDay 9

    Amed / Tulamben : 2 day dive in Tulamben Amed area. Lunch in a warung. Night in Mimpi Resort.

    Non-diver : You will go along the Far East cost of Bali from Tulamben to Amlapura. You will enjoy the dramatic point of view of Gili Selang from where, during sunny day, you will be able to see Lombok island. You will pass traditional fisherman village and will see them working on their Jukung. While in Amlapura you will visit Ujung Palace built by the king of Amlapura.
  • Amed / TulambenDay 10

    Amed / Tulamben : 2 day dive in Tulamben Amed area. Lunch in a warung. Transfer to Candidasa. On the way, you will stop to walk through most beautiful rice field of the island. Night in Puri Bagus Candidasa.

    Non-diver : You will again have the choice between enjoy snorkeling along the unspoiled coral reef or walking through Amed remote countryside with Peduli Alam association. Transfer to Candidasa with the rest of the group.
  • CandidasaDay 11

    Candidasa : 3 day dive in Candidasa Padang Bay area. Night in Puribagus.

    Non plongeur : You will visit Bali volcanoes area. Your guide will take you to Batur and Agung volcanoes where you will visit the Besakhi mother temple. The scenery is certainly one of the most beautiful on the island. Taking place in Agung Mountain with a breathtaking view on Candidasa coastline, this temple has been edified for the 3 Gods, Vishnou, Brahma and Shiva.
  • Nusa PenidaDay 12

    Nusa Penida :Experience with the Manta Ray. 2 day dive in Nusa Penida. Back to Bali, you will visit Tenganan Aga Village. The animist Aga people believe they are the real God descendants and have preserved their own tradition… spend the night in PuriBagus hotel.

    Non-diver : Vous visiterez le palais de justice de Klungkung, construit au XVIIIème siècle par Ida Dewa Agung Jambe qui le présidait. Il est célèbre pour ces plafonds peints dans un style traditionnel Wayang représentant l’enfer et le paradis. Vous visiterez le temple dédié au mort de Goa Lawa, encore appelé temple aux chauves-souris. Vous rejoindrez le reste du groupe pour la visite du village Aga de Tenganan
  • Ubud / SeminyakDay 13

    Ubud and back to Seminyak :On the way back to Seminyak, you will stop in Ubud, the painter’s village. This will give you an opportunity to buy your presents and souvenirs. Lunch will be in the superb Wayan Café and you will spend one night in Puri Saron hotel.
  • DenpasarDay 14

    Transfer to Denpasar airport for your international flight.
  • ArrivalDay 15

    Home sweet home.
Our selection



O ur hotel selection combine the comfort and beauty of Balinese small structures. With varied and different design architecture, they are all beachfront. Each hotel has a swimming pool and air conditioned rooms with private bathrooms.

SEMINYAK – Puri Saron
Beachfront hotel located in Seminyak. This hotel offers spacious newly renovated rooms with AC, satellite TV, private bathrooms with cold and hot water, swimming pool and a Spa. Walking access to shops, bar and restaurant.

Beachfront hotel. The villa’s and bungalows are located in a beautiful tropical garden. Spacious rooms with AC, private indoor and outdoor bathroom, hot and cold water, private terrace, swimming pool and Spa.

TULAMBEN – Mimpi Resort
Beachfront hotel located on Tulamben beach right in front of the dive site. This small hotel offers big rooms surrounded by beautiful lily ponds. En-suite bathroom with hot and cold water, private terrace, swimming pool with 360° view of Agung Volcano and the Tulamben sea and also a Spa.

CANDIDASA – Puri Bagus
This is the only hotel in Candidasa with a nice white sand beach. The traditional architectural Balinese style bungalows are over looking the whole Candidasa Bay including Tepekong and Mimpang islands. Spacious rooms, en-suite bathrooms with hot and cold water, private terrace, swimming pool and a Spa.

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  • Bali Mimpi-Resort-Tulamben-2
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  • candidasa
  • CandidasaPuriBagusManggis
  • candidasa2
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Dive sites


B ali offers a wide range of dive sites from Dramatic wall dive to astonishing muck dive, pristine colourful coral reef or spectacular wreck dive. Your dives will be an interesting balance between critters and pelagic encounters, from the smallest Pygmy Seahorse, the incredible Nudibranch variety to the curious Bumphead Parrot Fish, giant Oceanic Sun Fish and even the majestic Manta Ray.
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Menjangan Island translated, is the Island of Dear, and is a part of the only Bali National Park. You will dive along the most beautiful sea wall in Bali. Visibility is usually very good and the water is warm and calm with impressive colourful marine life.


This is a must in terms of muck dives. At first, this maximum 10 meters black sand deep dive in an unfriendly environment and could appear a little disappointing, but very quickly you will discover some unknown species such as hairy Frog Fish, Mandarin Fish, Seahorse’s, Ghost Pipefish and even more… One of our photographer’s regards this dive as rich as the Lembeh straight !


Tulamben is the most well known diving area in Bali offering an exceptional number of fish in the most magical underwater landscapes, thanks to the US Liberty wreck. In 1942, while she was shipping railway equipment from Australia towards the Philippines, a Japanese submarine in Lombok strait torpedoed her. She was supposed to be towed up to Singaraja harbour, but taking in too much water, she was left on Tulamben beach. In the 1963 the Mount Agung eruption brought her back to the sea, for the divers pleasure !


This small fisherman village and traditional salt makers area is located on the Bali North East coast. It offers incredible wall dives, impressive tiny wreck dives as well as unforgettable muck dive !


This little village, close to Candidasa, offers an extraordinary macro fauna life as well as pelagic encounter.


Leaving from Padang Bay harbour, approximately 10 min by speedboat, you will dive around Tepekong and Mimpang Island. The upwelling current coming from the North brings there temperate and plantonic water. During the dry season it will attract pelagic such as the giant Oceanic Sun fish (Mola Mola).


According to Balinese belief, this island has a holy and powerfully spirit which has to be strongly respected… It would actually be a very good description of the surrounded dives, which offers the most beautiful coral garden in Asia, with an exceptional pelagic fauna including the superb Manta Ray.

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