Logbook September 2017

adminsb, 5 years ago
I once questioned myself: is there a Balinese translation for the word Agnosticism? Not knowing where to find answers, I filtered in on a potential Bahasa translation. Marvel of the internet! Every single time, it is the same word returning, which is surprising, the Bahasa roots being so far from Greek roots.... Read More

Logbook March 2017

adminsb, 5 years ago
January happened under the cloudy sky of a real rainy season for flowery gardens happiness. It gave way to February and breathtaking dives in Raja Ampat. March is now following, which announces the Saka calendar first day of the year ( Nyepi). March was also the Romain first month of their calendar to honor their... Read More

Logbook December 2016

adminsb, 5 years ago
In these winter times, came the time to have a good time by reading, in no time, this logbook. During this very time, he announces tem ... porarily neither the rain, nor the good weather, nor the end of time but, fortunately, the festive times! It is without wasting my... Read More

Logbook October 2016

adminsb, 5 years ago
Delay or procrastination? Procrastination seems quite appropriate, unless the negative aspect of it.  Cambridge dictionary definition: an act of delayingsomething that must be done, often because it is unpleasant or boring. However this Logbook brings me a real satisfaction for several reasons… I really enjoy doing the researches. It makes me think of my dives and Indonesian journey; the... Read More

Logbook June 2016

adminsb, 5 years ago
Two months have already passed and a lot happened in Komodo, Raja Ampat and Bali.. We welcomed numerous divers who enjoyed warm water, critters and pelagic. Bali is coming toward the end of the Manta mating season. I witnesses fantastic shows. Manta were definitely here and not just one! Dry season has started a month ago,... Read More

Logbook April 2016

adminsb, 5 years ago
Here comes April with its fool's day. After few researches, there seem to be several traditions to it. One of her, quiet sustainable, would come from the use of opening or closing the fishing period in order to respect mating season. One offers a fish to the fisherman as a mark of... Read More
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