Few words about the passionate people of our team.


A nne-Sophie is PADI Master Instructor and CMAS/CEDIP** Instructor. She has extensive experience in diving and as a dive instructor all over the world. Born in France where she took her CMAS/CEDIP** instructor course as well as the PADI Open Water Instructor course, she has been diving since 1990 and logs over 3,500 dives. Passionate over critters, she also loves pelagic encounters, and what she loves the most is the long dives. “Why Indonesia? Because it has it all !”


A rnaud is CMAS/CEDIP** and PADI Open Water Instructor. He started diving at 13 years old and has now logged over 4,000 dives. He will always take you diving with the same unchanged passion! What he loves most? Sharing his underwater discoveries such as frogfish or uncommon species.


O ne of the best Indonesian Instructors on the islan, if not the best! Since 2006 Coral is in charge of all the diving equipment during the Safari. It’s a lucky person who can experience a dive with him! He has incredible eagle eyes to pick up the tiny Pygmy Seahorse, the colourful Nudibranch or any other kind of critters! What makes Coral so special is his fantastic ability to find the king of our sea, the Mola-Mola.


K omang has been Divemaster over the last 20 years. He has been part of the Safari Bali team for the last 10 years. Born with fins, he knows every corner of every dive between Bali and Komodo. An incredible critters spotter, you will enjoy every second spent with him in Bali or Komodo !


R omain has been living and working as a diving instructor in Bali for the last 2 years. A critters lover and photographer, we are happy to welcome him on the team. Do not hesitate to ask him about your photos.


B ack with us ! He guided all of you for 3 years… After a 2 years break, he is on the deck again. You will meet Fabien at the office in Bali, in Komodo, in Raja Empat and … who knows ? Maybe in Cenderawasih and in Maluku !


R udi is unmistakably one of the best Indonesian Divemaster in Komodo. We met him in Komodo National Park dive in 2002. Since then, he has been taking us around the best Komodo spots with the same joy and smile !


A lways smiling, Ade is looking after all the Safari’s administration and booking. You will definitely meet her back at the office or during a Safari, when from time to time she will join us.

Our Tour Guide and Drivers: Agus, Kadek and Darwin

T houghtful and careful, they know their island like the back of their hand. They will lead you away from tourist attractions to discover the real Bali! And who knows, they might join you for a dive or two !
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