Safari Bali has been helping several local foundations through the

years, mainly those about solidarity toward children.

D espite the fact that Eco-tourism is becoming a very fashionable tendency, our goal has never been fashion or marketing but only true help... Safari Bali has been helping several local foundations through the year since 2002. We have selected them depending on their own needs and on our own possibilities. The main field of our selection has been solidarity toward the local children, their education, as well as environmental action.

Together build the bridge to happiness !

Safari Bali, environmental daily action

I n order to avoid massive plastic use during our daily dives, we have replaced all disposable boxes by re-usable lunch box. We have pushed all the welcoming facilities such as restaurant, warung and hotel to use recycled water gallon instead of plastic bottle.
Since 2012, we have provided all of our guests with stainless flask and recycle water gallon in order to totally eliminate from our cruise and Safari the use of plastic bottles.

Since the very beginning Safari Bali has been lending diving torch when necessary. In exchange we have asked our guests to bring back worn batteries and put them in recycling bin in Europe. For few years now, all of our dive torches have been equipped with rechargeable batteries. However, we still collect from outside used batteries. Every guest borrowing our diving torches is still asked to bring back to Europe old batteries. Most of the time everyone is participating!
In addition of those little daily gestures, we are financially supporting several actions such as replacing anchor buoy, donation to the Reef Gardner foundation in Pemuteran, donation for Tulamben coral reef reconstruction…

Fighting for our environment...

B ali, island of the gods… and waste that no one can ignore anymore…
Encounters with a smile and a fantastic energy, as all people who crossed her pass, we were charmed by Charlotte, PEDULI ALAM founder.
This foundation is based in Amed countryside and is acting in the environmental protection field. It specialized in the prevention of the dangers caused by the discharge of waste in nature. Balinese nature, so rich and beautiful, suffers from the intensive use of plastic, and people, mostly villagers (farmers and fishermen) are not aware of the consequences. Outside the cities and tourist areas (which represent only 10% of the island), there is no garbage collection. The objective of Peduli Alam is to help the villagers to be aware of the impact on nature and health that results from incineration or disposal of garbage in nature, rivers and sea.

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Helping them for a better life...

T hose who already had come on Safari have had the joy to meet the Pemuteran traditional dancers. The money raised by this foundation goes to the Pemuteran children to pursue their scholarship after the age of 12. The troupe comes on every Safari to the hotel and performs traditional Balinese dances.

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T he next foundation we got involved in is an orphanage. We meet Ibu Putu in 2007. She was putting into place a beach school for the street kids in Kuta. Since then the Yayasan Kasih Peduli Anak has grown with more and more children. On the top of the street kid school, she had opened an orphanage that is hosting over 30 children.
We have been helping this foundation in different ways by giving financial support, helping with children transportation and offering a diving training up to instructor level to the teenager wheeling to work in the diving industry.

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