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Dive Komodo

Miércoles 11 de enero de 2012, por safaribali

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Gili Banta

Northeast: fantastic coral reef macro dive where you might spot many nudibranches, frog fish…

Northwest: a 40-meter deep dive where you will meet a huge school of trevally, enormous grouper. Toward the end of your dive, you will drift on the top of an unspoiled coral garden rich in critters. Few hundred meters further, GPS Point is a shark meeting point. You will see many white tip sharks but also grey reef sharks and for the luckiest divers the hammerhead shark.

Gililawa Laut

Castle Rock and Crystal Bomy, 2 excellent drift dives in clear water on the top of a soft coral bed. We usually meet school of barracuda, jack fish and other pelagic. It is not unusual to meet turtle.

Batu Bolong - Tatawa

Part of the best dives site in Komodo national park, you can not miss those spots where you will encounter Manta Ray flying on the top of a soft coral garden or sharks, Napoleon, Tuna, groupers cruising the Batu Bolong wall.

Padar island

Pilarsteen, Three sisters and Payung are canyon and cave dives rich in school of fishes and critters.

Nusa Kode

Cannibal rock and Yellow wall are part of the most known dives in Komodo for its outstanding critters hiding on a superb soft coral garden.

South Komodo

South Komodo offers off shore pinnacle dives where it is possible to see different shark species and time to time Pilot whale.

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